He broke into my life at a gallop

Senya came to me. We are acquainted.

One morning I woke up with a burning desire to communicate with a horse … Until that moment I had contact with horses at 10 years old on a two-week riding course and a couple of times at the box office a few years later — in short, it was a long time, not interesting, painful and never To itself did not remind. And then as an insight!
I climb into the Internet … Immediately I come across a video of A. Nevzorov, I watch them without stopping and I understand that I am ready to talk ONLY with a free horse. I begin to look for free horses in the MO. Of course, I have not found one anywhere. But the site «Happy Horses» by Julia Khudyakova was opened … and immediately news about Senya, whom she saved from becoming a sausage. On emotions, I write to Yulia, how can I help the Seine (I meant only financially). And the next day I get an offer from her to give me a horse. I had a shock! I did not know anything about them at the time, and the sludge from my childhood, that horses bite … I thought for three days … I decided! A month later, I meet Senya … The lateral door of the horse-drawn carriage opens and I see a big eye. There was something magical, like in the movie «Twilight», — imprinting. As if he was always my favorite.
The next six months, Senya endured all my fears, uncertainties and clumsy attempts to control them. And he waited. After all, his outward intention to be a free horse continued to work! He was already free from slavery, but the imprisonment continued, because we were in a traditional traditional stable. With Senya’s appearance, my worldview began to change with an elusive speed — veganism, naturopathy, the desire of my land. How did my husband stand it?
The first lessons with Senya.
The first lessons with Senya.
Numerous questions began to arise about the natural maintenance of horses, especially stallions. Because in the next stall was an old stallion, I treated him with apples when I came to the Seine. And as I saw him in the Levada — it was a terrible sight for me — a skeleton covered with leather. I wanted to help him somehow: I started buying him muesli for old people, probiotics, green grass … But after 2 months he had the first stroke — then he got up. A few days later, a second stroke occurred and he had paralyzed the back of his body. The hostess decided to put her to sleep …
Stallion Lord. 23 years old. Died in 2014
Stallion Lord. 23 years old. Died in 2014

At that time, I did not know much about horses in principle. But this case made me look for answers. After all, this situation is a typical example of how the stallions live and how they die in «home» conditions. I began to read about how they live in natural conditions, because in nature they are not castrated, and the stallions are born the same number as the mares. Answers found in the webinar Antonina Shevchenko «Stallions: prevention and problem-solving» — stallions form bachelor groups! So the idea of ​​creating a stallion stables was born. And in the summer of 2016 we moved together with our male herd to a new house — Konev Bor.

Watching the changing of stallions, living with their relatives in natural conditions, seeing their great desire and interest in communicating with a person, feeling what a huge charge of energy they give me, how I change myself, I had the idea to hold meetings with our happy horses and for them other people. After all, a horse-coach is a unique opportunity to uncover the qualities and conditions in oneself, without explaining the situation-the prehistory. A horse is like a mirror — it’s here-and-now shows us our emotions, without giving estimates. In contact with the horse, we can change our mood gently and safely, train our intentions and get results.
The first training in Konev Boru
The first training in Konev Boru

We create a unique place where horses and people can be happy together. To do this, we organize and maintain natural living conditions for horses, and also tell people how to be able to enjoy sharing with horses without causing harm to their health and safe for themselves.

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